Artist Statements

K/1st Grade:

Hazel A. : My favorite project this year was the dream house. Mine was really big and it had a sign that said, “Altizer’s” on it.

Joel D. : The clay dream house was my favorite project. I liked it because I could make a really big house that was on a lake with a garage. I’ve always wanted a house on a lake.

Margaux D. : I really like clay. My favorite project was the dream house and a dream city. It was so much fun. We could make our house any way we wanted.

Robert S. : My favorite project this year was the clay house. I was able to make any details I wanted. Art is fun and I like it a lot.

Gibson S. : I like to make stuff out of clay. The dream city was my favorite project.

Ruby K. : With art I put my pencil on the paper and it brings my imagination to life. I like that because I can know what I’m thinking…well I just like art. There’s not any good reason…I was just born to be an artist.

Tommy M. : Art is really fun. Pottery is my favorite art. You can make anything out of clay and make it any color.

Thomas B. : Being an artist is fun because you can be creative and make lots of fun things and you can fix your mistakes. It’s very fun. I am an artist because I love art.

Griffin K. : I love working on the pottery wheel because I like getting messy. This year I made two cups that I use at home. Clay is my favorite art!

William R. : I enjoyed making my dream house out of clay. I liked my tree the best on my project. I really like art.

Stephen R. : I like coming to Color Wheel because I get to be creative. I liked making the clay houses.

Ruby S. : I love being an artist. It makes me feel good. I like art work because it can be painting, or clay or anything! When I grow up I want to be an artist that sews, and does clay and illustrates a book about my singing.

Isabella W. : I am going to grow up and be an artist and pianist. I like the sand flower painting project that I did. It reminded me of Georgia O’Keefe and I like her art.

Carmen R. : I love art materials and making my art really good. If I mess up, I just redo it and make it better. I do my best whenever I can!

Vivian P.: I like art because I get to make up anything from my mind. I can make a train out of hula hoops and sell it in an art museum and people would love it- because it uses your imagination.

Eli H.: I like to draw abstract art…I draw really good. Color Wheel is a really good place.

Jack D. : I like doing art because it’s what I’m meant for. I’m good at it and it is a lot of fun. Clay is the best. I liked the dream house project.

Kendall F. : I enjoy clay. I get to mush things up, use my imagination and make things 3D. The dream house was made of clay and 3D. I love 3D things.

Gabriel S. : I like art because you can make all kinds of things and be creative. My favorite was my weaving project. You could make it any shape and add sticks and things to it.



2nd/3rd Grade:

Lydia C. : My favorite project this year was the self portrait clay mask. I was able to express my imagination. I gave myself a uni-brow and a mustache. I love mustaches.

Isaiah J. : I love drawing. I draw planes with lightening. My favorite things to do at Color Wheel are recess and drawing.

Miranda B. : I love to do art because it makes me feel creative and alive. I really liked the balloon animal project, even though my balloon kept popping it was still a lot of fun.

Zoe F. : I have grown to like clay a lot more. I like the wheel and building things in clay. On the wheel you can be creative and make abstract things!

Calvin H. : I love how Color Wheel does art. My favorite art is drawing and painting. Spaceships and machines are my favorite things to draw. My favorite project was the candy sculpture because I was able to work with candy!

Erin G. : Everyone can be an artist. What makes me an artist is that I create. Mixed media has been my favorite area this year. I really liked the Sandy Skoglund installation project we worked on the most.

Elise F. : I am an artist because when I’m bored I just doodle, paint or create something. Art is anything…even a table or a door has a design. It could be a circle or square or whatever. It’s up to the person who makes it to think of it.

Scott B. : The paper mache animal heads was my favorite project. I liked it because it was more fun than it was difficult to make. I made a blue bear. Sewing, pottery and weaving are my favorite arts!

Gabriella L. : I like drawing and pottery. It’s fun to do! At Color Wheel, we get to do different types of art. My self portrait mask in clay was my favorite project this year.

Llyr F. : I love to draw, paint, sew and use clay. My drawings are different from other people’s. Color Wheel is fun, you can express yourself here.

Charlie M. : I like how art lets your express your feelings and do whatever you want. Drawing is my favorite art because you can really create anything you want.

Carson B. : The most fun project was the light jugs that we did with Cooper Sanchez. I never knew how to make sun prints and now I do! It was interesting how we were able to meet an artist and make an installation.

Kagan T. : Color Wheel is great because I get to do fun things! My favorite is pottery because I like getting dirty for some reason. Wheel throwing is fun because I like making pots and cups.

Owen K. : I guess I am an artist because I’m good at drawing. I like doing random things in art that I make up.

Sophie M.: I like art because it helps me express my feelings and be creative. Sewing is one of my favorite arts. I like it because I can make things that I can use.

Carter S. : My favorite project so far is the paper mache mask I’m making. I like it because I get messy. I love getting messy!

Teo L. : I like to make art. I pay a lot of attention to detail. This year I did a still life of a cow skull with a lot of detail in it. My favorite project though was the candy landscape, I liked working with candy.

Skyler M. : I like to sew. My favorite project was the animal masks. I go to Color Wheel so that I can learn to make more art. The artists I learned about here really inspired me.

Fiona T.: Color Wheel is a great experience to use different art materials and learn about people who do art and try it for yourself. I love drawing on canvas…It makes me really happy to draw and paint!

Christopher S. : I am an artist because I do it! Jackson Pollock is my favorite artist. I think he’s interesting. My favorite project so far this year is the one I am currently working ok: the paper mache animal masks. It is fun to do and I get to get messy!



3rd/4th Grade:

Regan B. : I feel like my art skills have gotten better over my years at Color Wheel. My drawings have started to look like the actual thing I was drawing. I am excited about that.

Halia R. : My favorite project this year was the Debbie Smyth thread drawing. I really enjoyed nailing the nails with the hammer, even though I hurt my thumbs! My art skills have gotten a lot better over the years. I draw all of the time.

Charles P.: My art skills have gotten much better since being at Color Wheel. My favorite project was the glass project. It was neat to work with glass, I’ve never done that before.

Abby D. : My pottery skills have improved a lot over the years. I have been able to try a bunch of new things like working with glass. That was fun because I have never worked with it before and I was able to make a tile that I think is really, really cool.

Sophia C. : My favorite project was the self portrait masks. I could make mine have many different expressions. Everyone had a lot of different things on their faces. It was fun!

Fiona M-K. : I really enjoy building things out of shoe boxes and cardboard boxes. I really like working with Jeni and Brittany because I’m able tp build things out of all kinds of materials that are hard projects that make me think a lot and challenge me.

Anna I. : My favorite project was the self portrait clay mask. My clay nose turned out just like your real nose and I am very proud of myself for that!

Zoraya S. : The wheel is awesome. I like my hands to get messy! I am an artist because I like to get messy and I like to paint.

Emerson F. : Color Wheel is a fun place to be. The glass fusing project was my favorite project. It was fun to put glass together and see what it comes out as.

Lydia C. : Over the years I have gotten really good at drawing. It’s way more realistic than it used to be. The glass project was really fun. We were able to do a bunch of interesting things with the glass, like tiles and jewelry.

Davis K. : I am an artist. I started being one at Color Wheel. Origami claws are my favorite art to make these days. I like being creative.

Rufus P-K. : My favorite project was the clay teapot. I liked making it and it was fun to make it look modern. I really liked how it came out. Art is cool because it is a way to share your thoughts.

Sterling H. : Painting is my favorite form of art because if I have feelings I can’t express painting lets me express it.



5th Grade:

Phoebe M. : I’ve figured out that I really enjoy realism, even though it is difficult. I try incorporate my training from horseback riding into creating my artwork- artistically and emotionally.

Hope B. : I have been working really hard on all of my projects this year. I have really been trying to express myself through my art. The peace sign is my main theme this year. I am very sad that this is my last year, I am going to miss everyone. But I will stop by and say, “Hey!”

Ashton S. : I really enjoy Color Wheel because I am able to do art many times a week. My favorite project this year was the teapot because I made it out entirely out of Lego molds.

Gavin R. : I love art. My favorite project was the glass project. I liked how I was able to put a bunch of different glass colors together and put it in the kiln. It came out really cool.

Maya K. : I feel like I do more detailed work than I did before. I really liked doing the Chuck Close self-portraits with Amber. You could choose a lot of different designs for the portrait. It was just a really cool project!

Anna M. : I really liked the clay teapots. Clay is really fun to make stuff out of. My teapot was cool. It has a clam as the lid, a fish head as the spout and a fish tail as the handle.

Ruby L.: Color Wheel is cool because we always rotate teachers and we do different arts. Ceramics is my favorite art. Jeni allows for a lot of freedom while we work and I like that. The glass fusing project and the teapots were two of my favorites.

Bailey T. : Color Wheel is great because I get to interact with friends that I don’t normally get to at school. I have gotten better at drawing, sewing, pottery and everything over the years. My favorite art would have to be glass, for this year. It is really fun. I learned a lot about it!

Aleesha P. : Drawing is my favorite art because I am really good at it. I have always been good at it but when I came to Color Wheel I became a better drawer!

Logan B. : I enjoy Color Wheel. The light jugs are my favorite project. We were able to meet a real artist and see his garden, and pick flowers to make the prints. It was really fun.

Aidan F. : I like art because I can make whatever I want. I liked learning to screenprint with Natalie the most. I also like Color Wheel because I like meeting new friends.

Nicholas M. : My art is the art of invention. When you invent, you just let your mind think of problems in the world and solve them. I love trying to solve problems that no one cares to think about.

Sally S. : I think that this year I have grown as an artist a lot. I have been able to look at things in a crazy, twisted way that makes people ask, “What is it?” and then three seconds later they say, “ I get it!” I make people look twice at my artwork.



6th Grade:

Ellie R. : This is my last year so I worked really hard on everything and liked how it all turned out. I am really going to miss Color Wheel.

Shai S. : At Color Wheel, you get to do many types of art and they are all really fun! My favorite art is painting but this year, my favorite project was glass fusing. I liked seeing my glass after it was fired and came out a new shape.



Morning Art School/ Ages 3-5

Patrick M. : I like art!

James M. : I like to use scissors. Art means when I draw the idea I’m talking about.

Brooke M. : My favorite art is painting a princess. It just takes a little practice. I am good at painting. I use lots of colors!

Sylvia A. : I am an artist. I like to draw cats, dogs and sheep.

Victoria P. : I draw circles.

Vincent K. : I learned to paint butterflies. Painting is my favorite.

Laylah C. : I like to paint in pink and purple.

Taylie J S. : I like doing clay so I am an artist.

Anna M. : I am an artist because my mommy is an artist.

Sadie P. : I can draw a penguin…I can draw anything. I have an easel already.

Blake C. : I eat so that I will be stronger to draw.

Ellis Claire W. : I have been an artist so long.

Reagan W. : I like clay, especially making clay bird nests with little eggs inside.

Eva J. : Art is when you do different things like painting, clay, making things and stuff.

Chloe S. : Being an artist is when you paint. I like to do pretty paintings of snakes, worms, flowers and butterflies.

Thea S. : I like art. Drawing and glazing pottery is my favorite.

Jesse N. : At Color Wheel we make stuff. Drawing is my favorite. I like to draw everything.

Evelyn G. : I am an artist because I make things. I draw, plant flowers and make masks.

Emanuelle G. : My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gough. In my paintings I use my paintbrush and my fingers.

Jacob A. : I am an artist because I figure out some ideas.

Will A. : I paint things at Color Wheel. I like to paint butterflies and houses.

Rex B. : I make art…I use clay and rocks and sand in my art.

Watson G. : I like my art about trains. I like Color Wheel because there is a train near here.

Harris H. : I like to make stuff with my mom.

Finn J-H : I like to make bird puppets and tea pots. I draw really cool things!

Nora K. : I like to cook, paint and play so, I am an artist.

Mikal M. : I like to do art.

Finnan L. : My favorite art is clay because I can make things out of it like pinch bowls.

Issac M. : I like to use scissors and paper and do some art because I like to make things.

Jack E. : I am an artist every day!

Sam G. : I am an artist. I like to play and paint and play.

Christian R. : I made a bird…I put green and orange. I like to do art. I like painting the most.

Aimee C. : I like to draw people because it makes everybody happy when they see the beautiful, graceful people. I also draw rainbows all over the world.