What Parents Are Saying

After-School Parent Testimonials

“We’ve tried other after-school programs around town, and Color Wheel is hands-down the best.  Not only is the art instruction fabulous, but our kids feel completely free to be themselves here, which is a great testimony to the warm and safe environment that the Color Wheel staff nurtures so well.”  — Paul D., father of two.

“Color Wheel takes aftercare to a whole new level. My daughter has been well cared for and nurtured there for two years, and it still is often a struggle to get her to say goodbye at the end of the afternoon because she is having so much fun. There is always something exciting going on, and often the kids dream up the ideas themselves, like the time they turned a room into a disco or the care they put into tending the fairy village. Asked by a relative to name an artist who’s first and last name start with the same letter, my 6-year old daughter said without hesitation: “Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Piccaso.” In first grade she already has a cursory understanding of the history of art and has worked with all major art media. She is comfortable performing in front of groups and expressing herself in dance, theater and art. She often runs into her Color Wheel friends around town, giving her a larger social circle than her neighborhood and school, and she has made dear friends I believe she will have for life. I am Color Wheel’s biggest fan- it should become the model for aftercare programs everywhere.” Liza Hogan

“I am thrilled to have my children at Color Wheel. In this day and age when fine arts education is lacking in the public school system, I know my girls’ time at Color Wheel is invaluable. They experience theater exercises, painting, photography, sculpture and much more. With small group sizes, Cathy and her team know every child, and she encourages open communication between teachers and parents. I only wish my daughters had been exposed to this kind of program sooner- but there is NO place like this where we came from in Iowa. Thanks Color Wheel staff!” Cinnamon Sullivan, MD

“Color Wheel has enriched my children’s lives through a creative and playful introduction to the artist within them..Klee, Picasso, Van Gogh… a child-constructed fairy garden in the back yard…friends to play with every day… healthy snacks and time to run around… drama, photography, painting, drawing, writing, music, and good old fashioned fun. And this is after-school care?” Liz Schellingerhouldt

“Color Wheel is a LIFESAVER for our 8 year-old daughter and our entire family. As a two-career family, one of our greatest challenges has been to provide our children with the BEST possible care. Our daughter had just begun her 1st grade year when Color Wheel opened and we were SO excited. We felt her previous after-school program was not well supervised and not particularly enriching, and we wanted her in a safe, nurturing environment. We had no idea how REALLY WONDERFUL Color Wheel would turn out to be.

Color Wheel is TRULY A LOVING,NURTURING,ENRICHING place that has exceeded our highest expectations. Cathy Spencer has taken all of her considerable experience in child development and art to create a TRULY UNIQUE place where the best of fun, art and academics meet. Our daughter is learning so much, but she is having too much fun to even realize it! In fact, woe to me or my husband if we come to get her too EARLY!! She wants to stay and continue to have fun until the last possible moment.

The staff is extraordinary. Not only are they good at teaching children, but they are TRULY interested in their well-being. On the practical side, they work with each child daily on homework assignments- a GREAT help to working parents, and they teach them are techniques and art history. On the deeper side, they nurture each child and help these young artists to develop their special skills and personalities.

We would NEVER have our daughter anywhere else now, and we can’t wait until our 3 year old is old enough to come to Color Wheel (and neither can she.)” Christy and Bob Barrineau

“Conjure up the best possible after school program and watch as Color Wheel surpasses your wildest dreams. After years of having my daughter plead with me not to leave her in a traditional daycare setting, I now have the deep pleasure of having to tear her away from her Color Wheel friends and teachers at the end of each day. There is so much to learn, to explore, and to share at Color Wheel and no two days are exactly alike.

Friends and family are amazed that when my 7 year old goes to a museum, she not only knows the names of artists but can also recognize their individual styles. For me the most important benefit of the Color Wheel program is the fact my daughter now uses drawing and painting to express herself and the world around her. Poring over 2 years of self-portraits, I can see the evolution of my daughter’s self-image and she has blossomed before my eyes. Her Color Wheel friends and teachers are part of our extended family, and the wonderful studio is a second home to us. Walking through the door into this magical and lively world enriches and inspires us both.” Barbara Schreier, PH.D

“Color Wheel is a wonderful after school program, with experienced and friendly teachers and a great arts curriculum. Kids can get a snack and work on their homework before diving into a real art project.” Cara

“Colorwheel is wonderful. My child has attended for 4 years and we are very happy with the way the program runs and their choices and decisions. It is a warm community of caring people who also love to teach art, give patient help with homework, and generally provide a loving, encouraging, and fun environment for my child when I am at work. My only regret is that it doesn’t cover middle school kids, too!” Bijoux

“We have been loving Colorwheel since it opened and our daughter, 8, 2nd grade now, LOVES it. It is almost impossible to get her to leave. We don’t even try to pick her up before 5:30 because she will be frustrated not to finish her projects. The things she crates and most importantly her sense of her own talent are overwhelming. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Colorwheel” Marion Owen,MD

“Colorwheel after-school and summer programs are outstanding in creativity and variety: yoga, drama, pottery, drawing, collage-making, textiles, toy-making–and more, planned in thematic sequences, plus involvement in the community through guest teachers and field trips and public exhibitions of the children’s works. It’s like a private school experience but even better! All of the teachers are friendly and highly organized and great with keeping the activities fun and kid-focused. And they have a great play area in back and healthy snacks and homework help too. My daughter wrote a letter to her inner artist at the start of this year, and I have it framed in my home office to continue inspiring her and our family. We love being a part of this great program.” Decatur mom

“The teachers are amazing (talented, kind, and fun), the curriculum is fun and challenging. My kids know more about art than I do! We’ve had a child in Color Wheel for 5 years now and the second one just started. Wish I could go to Color Wheel!” anonymous

“Staff are friendly and fun, studio is bright and charming! Children can’t help but be creative at Color Wheel!”  ArtsyMom49

“A lot of fun and a very friendly staff. Kids really enjoy coming here. Perfect fit for Decatur.” FormulaBrand