Our Mission & Philosophy

Color Wheel Art Studio


The Color Wheel mission is to encourage the growth and development of creative free thinking individuals. To this end, we provide safe, quality art based programs aimed at nurturing the whole child. Through the arts, we promote self discovery and high self esteem while providing a solution for After-School and School-Break activities.


Color Wheel’s philosophy is based on the belief that through the arts children can attain a sense of self empowerment that is integral to the learning process in all areas academic, social and beyond. The daily exploration of one’s own creative ideas in a variety of medium encourages not only the natural curiosity and desire to learn but also independent thought and action.  We believe that children thrive in situations rich with experience, choice and personal responsibility. We recognize the value of a consistent supportive community of peers, mentors and parents.

Core Values

We are in the unique position to engage our children as both teachers and, because we are in a setting of creativity and fun, as friends. Often, we are able to work with our artists throughout much of their childhood. It is especially important to examine what we impart to these children in addition to the creative arts; how we treat each other as individuals, how we relate to the studio community and how we present the creative process. We strive for teaching that reflects how we live and interact with each other as a community of Creatives and with the larger, human community. We presume that parents choose Color Wheel, in part, because they perceive that we have shared values. It is therefore our responsibility to uphold these values in each of our actions so that we may intentionally prepare the children to engage as good citizens in society and their future endeavors.

Integrity: Consistency and Honesty
Students should begin to develop an internal sense of correct moral conduct in their interactions and movement through the studio. We seek to provide opportunities for children to test and develop their personal integrity both by engaging them in conversation about their decisions and in leading by example.

Empowerment: Self-Sufficiency
Color Wheel should equip each child with the ability to act of their own accord. In enabling children to conduct themselves autonomously we send the message that we trust that their decisions will be beneficial to themselves and the studio community.

Responsibility: Personal and Collective Accountability
We wish to impart to our children that they alone are responsible for their actions and that those actions directly affect their personal experience as well as their studio community. It is important that each child learn to weigh their decisions against this responsibility. Our children should acknowledge the opportunities they have been provided by their parents, their community and Color Wheel and we expect that they will give back by being responsible people.

Empathy: Understanding and Caring for Others
Color Wheel seeks to help our children develop a caring and respectful attitude towards others. We do this in part by treating each child with respect and understanding. We believe that greater empathy leads to a deeper connection with others and a larger sense of place in the world.

Engagement: Active Participation

We value the merit of effort and the satisfaction that comes with hard work. In a creative environment we allow for many different types of being, learning and doing. We ask that our children engage in the full range of studio activities.

Safe-Space: Acceptance
Color Wheel seeks to be a safe place for children to develop as creative individuals, a process that often takes courage. Creativity is the transcendence of the traditional towards the formation of the new. We seek to promote safe-space in creative development by being consistent, kind, compassionate and strong . Color Wheel maintains a no-tolerance policy towards hate. It is through a safe and stable foundation that children can become excellent.