A Word From Our Director

Color Wheel is truly a very special multi-layered community of like-minded parents, passionate instructors and creative kids. From the day the studio opened in the Fall of 2002, Decatur and Atlanta parents have welcomed us with a warm reception. Through these 15 years, our community has grown to include hundreds of families involved in our After-School, School-Break and Summer Programs. Beautifully symbiotic, the studio functions such that each part of the community is meeting the needs and goals of another. Color Wheel instructors are dedicated degreed art teachers who understand and believe in the long term value of their work in larger society. Color Wheel parents are conscientious and intentional in their choices for their children. They value the arts in their children’s lives actively seeking quality experiences to deepen creative connections for them. Color Wheel kids bring to the studio the pure energy of childhood embracing the opportunity to express and create. As Director, I take very seriously the trust that is placed in us and my responsibility to this community. With this in mind, I work each day to create and nurture this positive unique environment.

Cathy Spencer